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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trying To Steal All My Mom's Platforms

Blouse- F21, Skirt- Thrifted, Platform Boots- Stolen from Mom

I carry my notebook and pen wherever I go, just in case inspiration strikes me. So I really have no excuse not to write when I am inspired; pen and paper are always at hard. But I've realized that I do not enjoy writing down my thoughts when I am truly inspired. I find that the act of writing it down is work; work that prevents me from enjoying that fleeting moment of inspiration.

The difference I find between being inspired by fashion and all other inspiration is that fashion sticks in my head. My mind carefully wraps up the image and puts it into a treasure box that only I have the key to. I can sort through the more recent pictures with ease. It is a kind of permanent, as if it were written with pen and paper.

Of course, when I find something inspiring like my mom's platform boots, it's so much easier to put them on and take a picture than write about them in words.


  1. I totally love your skirt! And love that you carry around a notebook, inspiration totally hits at random times <3

  2. gorgeous skirt! and the shoes are crazy!