satisfice-(v.) A decision making strategy that attempts to meet criteria for adequacy, rather than identify the optimal outcome.

Monday, February 25, 2013

We Surpass Ourselves With Time

Shirt- Brandy Melville, Sweater- Velvet, Pants- Luna B, Boots- ShoeMint

I started playing soccer at an older age than most of the kids in my neighborhood. The girls on my first team had played for many years; I was one of two girls who had never played soccer on the team. As a result, I played the minimum (AYSO requires each member to play at least 2 quarters). When I was on the field, I was terrified of making mistakes. I never wanted the ball passed to me, just in case I would mess up.

I got good very quickly. I never got very good technically, but I ran and defended with pure drive and motivation. I still never wanted the ball. Throughout my soccer career, even when I got on Varsity, I never wanted the ball because of the fear that was ingrained into my head as soon as I had touched the sport.

I quit after one year on Varsity (I played for a total of 5 years) because I hated the feeling of inadequacy. Of teammates putting me down and me believing them. What I could have achieved with more support, I don't know. I will never know. At least, not for soccer.

But I'm here with vengeance and confidence that I have never had before. And I won't let any of you bring me down this time.


  1. can't get over your bangs! love. and dont ever let anyone get you down. you show them who's boss boo! xx

  2. Love love love your hair darling! Would you lke to check out my blog too? maybe we can follow each other. xoxo

    1. Just followed you! keep in touch! kisses from the Netherlands! xoxo